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Luxembourg & Germany

After leaving Calais and driving through a bit of France we entered Belgium for a short spell then onto Luxembourg for the night. Compared with France, Belgium seemed more ordered and neat with lots of very long straight roads. We drove in beautiful sunshine, something we hadn't seen for quite some time in England. Apparently northern Europe had been suffering the same wet weather we had for the last few months.

Our first impression of the Duchy of Luxembourg was trees, more trees and even more trees, all different types everywhere. The next point was that the border towns were just a line of fuel stations all vying for the Belgium & German Euros. (Diesel was €1.21 per litre about £0.97p a bit different from the UK at £1.34). We stayed for 2 nights in Camping Im Aal in Esch sur Sure, a lovely campsite on the river Sure 500 mts from the town itself.


A view of the old battlements from the bridge into town. There were lovely gardens and picnic tables on this side of the river. The bridge across the Sure.


A village view. Now I know Luxembourg is a supposed tax haven but to have a Cash Point just outside the toilets shows you how expensive it is to live there!!!!!???

It was a very pretty old town that was basically on an island that the river had, at some point, been rerouted to make it accessible to the rest of the land.


The river running along the campsite A very busy bar and cafe on site.


The entrance to the campsite.    


We travelled around the German/Luxembourg border until we crossed the Mosel at Trier and then followed the river north eastwards.We found a quiet Stell Platz at Trittenheim and luckily got a riverside place. A baker came in the morning with fresh bread and an icecream man in the afternoons. It was a very relaxing place to stay just watching trhe barges, and some of them must have been 200 mts+ long, go by.



A typical view as we drove along the road. Next year's wine soon to be harvested. A view of the Stell Platz and the town was a 5 minute walk away.


A Thomson Tours boat passing a huge barge carrying coal    


We were intending to spend another day in the Mosel area but due to road works rerouting us all over the place we headed for the Romantic Route through the southern part of Germany and stopped for the night in a Stell Platz in the old town of Rothenburg.

We then headed off down the Romantic Route to visit some of the towns onroute stopping for a walk around Schillingsfurst but decided not to bother visiting the Schloss and then onto Dinkelsbuhl where we had a good look around.



The roof tops of Schillingsfurst seen from the Schloss. The watchtowers and south gate of the old walled city of Dinkelsbuhl


The watchtowers on the western walls.There was a beautiful old wooden bridge you crossed to get into the city. The square in the centre of town, full of cafes and bars etc. but with many little streets and alleyways leading off.



What the town looked like when wandering through. It was very pretty and old worldy. Many of the other towns on the route were very similar.



We drove through a few more of the old medieval towns but they deserve more time to explore and after a while become very similiar.

We decided to head off for Utting as there was campsite logo on the map and as it was on a lake we reckoned it would be fine.


The beach on Lake Ammersee at the Utting campsite which is definitely a revisitable one as it's ammenities are very good with a popular bar and a well stocked shop.    

Next day we carried on down to Oberammergau where we stopped for lunch before heading off to Schliersee.

Some of the painted buildings in Oberammergau They really went to town with the murals


We left Oberammergau and headed for Schliersee. Suddenly we came across a Toll Road from Wallgau to Vorderriss which cost 5 Euro. No problems until after the first 200 mts. it decided to become very narrow and twisty. As there was hardly enough room for 2 cars to pass it made for some "interesting situations" when we met some oncoming traffic. It was a very scenic road with lots of stopping places where cars had parked to catch the sun and have a swim or canoe. We were diverted on the Sylvenstein Dam due to road works and a height restriction so landed up taking a longer way via Bad Tolz round to Schliersee.


This was a lovely Stell Platz at Schliersee and we would have liked to stay here longer. There was a good walk around the lake and you could also swim there. There was a chairlift station just behind so you could get a lift up the mountain and enjoy the walk back down. This was the view in the morning one couldn't ask for more.

We met a British couple who lived and worked in Munich so enjoyed a few drinks with them.

We set off in the morning to Austria.